Sunday, 10 December 2017

Year 13 Photography: Design Ideas

Year 12 Art: Personal Project

Year 11 Art: Etching Completion + Starting Painting project

This week you need...

1. Complete your final Etching
2. Print an image for your Collection Painting (colour A4)

Over Christmas...

1.Complete an Etching Evaluation with images of your final outcome(s)

2. Print out images and facts on a painter that you want to use to inspire the style you create your painting in

3. Buy a canvas (be ambitious ... no smaller that A3 in size)

Year 10 Art: Colour Theory Artist

Create a double page on an Artist that uses the Colour Theory in their work. This should include a good quality transcription, facts (including information about how they use the Colour Thoery), opinions and images

10C Friday: 5th Jan

10D Thursday: 4th Jan

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Year 11 GCSE Art: Etching Final Outcome

You now need to create your final etching outcome. This should be either A4 or A3. Make sure you have detail and tone in your image.


11D: Monday 18th December
11B: Friday 15th December

Year 10: Preparation for next week

For your first lesson next week research an Artist that uses the Colour Theory in their work. Print images and facts ready for next week.

(Look on the Painting Artists, Portraiture and Natural Forms Albums on Pinterest for ideas)