Sunday, 15 October 2017

Year 12 Photography: Loading a Film + Half Term Work

Year 12 Art: Chosen Theme and Photography

Year 10 Art: Completion of Mixed Media and Half Term work

This week and over half term you need to:

-Complete your large mixed media piece
-Create a double sketchbook process page on your mixed media image. Add photographs of the stages, explanations and opinions to the page. You may also want to add a small mixed media piece example.

Also over half term...

Take photographs of Natural Forms (at least 20 photographs). These should be either plants, landscapes, seascapes, skies. Extra photographs could also be portraits or animals but you must have 20 that aren't. They must be good quality images and you should consider such things as lighting and composition (see examples sketchbooks for inspiration)

(The photos need to be printed on photographic paper and NOT stuck in your sketchbook. You will have a week after half term to print at school if you need to)

Year 11 Art: Photoshop sketchbook pages

This week and over half term you need to complete the following:

1. Print contact sheets and present and annotate in your sketchbook
2. Create two photoshop final images (save on your user ready to print)
3. Print screen shots of the process of creating your photoshop final prints and print a final version to stick in your sketchbook (over half term present the screen shots and final images in your sketchbook. Add explanations and your opinions on your photoshop work.
4. Choose an etching Artist and print images and facts on them (there is a Pinterest album of artists)

11D: 30th October
11B: 1st November

Year 11 Art: Photoshop Booklet