Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Year 11 Graphics: Artist Boards and Start Lino Designs

Task: This week, you will have two pieces of work on the go!
1. Completion of Lino Artist (Remember this goes on the other half of your Lino Mood Board).
2. Initial Thumbnail Designs for your Lino Print (on sheet provided).

Deadline for your LINO ARTIST BOARD (to be handed in with your Mood Board).
Tuesday 22nd January 2019.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Year 12 Photography: Initial Ideas

Year 11 Art + Graphics: Important Deadlines comings up!

This week you need to ....

-Fully complete your double page adding different colour schemes with colour pencils to each section. You should consider... mark making, shading and detail 

10C: 28th January
10D: 28th January
(You ONLY  have this week to work on these drawings the deadline has been extended for home learning time due to lessons missed this week)

- Choose a natural form photograph that you have taken and bring this in on a memory stick. You will be using this image to create a canvas painting so choose carefully. Next week you will be editing this image on Photoshop (look example book for inspiration and ideas) 

10C: 21st January
10D: 22nd January

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Year 11 Art: Painting Experiment

This week you need to...

Complete an experimental painting. This can either be on top of your chosen image or you can draw out the outline. You should complete 1 to 2 paintings experiments

( ideally project and draw out your work onto your canvas)

EXTRA: research an Artist that uses a similar technique and create a sketchbook page

11D: 21st January
11C: 22nd January