Saturday, 22 April 2017

Year 12 Photography: Week before Mock Exam

Year 12+13 Art: Final Design Ideas

This week you need to begin to create design idea boards (at least one design board this week). These should link to artists, have experiments and clear explanations of what you want to achieve 

(look at the GCSE Design ideas PTT and example boards for further ideas and inspirations). 

It is really important these are thorough and well presented to show the examiner your thought process. 

Year 13 Photography: Last week before Exam

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Year 10 Art: Continuous Line Drawing

This week you need to...

- Create AT LEAST one detailed A3 continuous line drawing of a natural form.

-Make sure you have collected lots of Tate Modern imagery for a title page and you have printed a Tate Modern Artists work and information.

10D: 9th May
10B: 10th May

(Make sure on this date you have your tonal pencils with you as you will be creating a second observational drawing in this week)

Year 10: Art Drawing