Sunday, 13 May 2018

Year 10 GCSE Art: Tate Pages

This week you need to...

1. Complete your first Tate Artist page adding facts and opinions using the 'How to write about Artists' sheet

2. Hand in Natural Form Photograph for Mock Exam

3. Research a second Tate Artist and bring in images and facts in for next week.

Tate Modern: Photography Exhibition


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Year 12+13 Photography

GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK PHOTOGRAPHY... make sure you are prepared and organised for Tuesday and arrive at 8:30 ready to begin your Exam

Year 12 + Year 13 Art: Final Two weeks

Over the next two weeks you need to....

-Create further boards expanding on your design ideas
- Create at LEAST one more Artist that links to your final design (bonus would be an Art Exhibition)
-Create at least two boards titled 'Final Plan' these boards should fully plan your final ideas considering .....time, scale, media, imagery, composition, display etc..... These boards may also have Artists links considering display, media and subject to support your plan

Year 11 Art: Final Week

This week you need to create a 'Final Plan' board. You need to consider exactly how you are going to use your time, the media you are using, the scale etc.... Use this board to really support you idea and make sure you are really confident in the 10 hour Exam next week. You may take photographs or copies from images from Design One or Two to place on this board.

ART EXAM.. NEXT WEEK: 8TH + 9TH MAY... You must come to the Art Department for 8:25 am

Year 10 Art: Tate Modern and Mock Exam Prep

This week you need to....

1)Complete a double Tate title page

2) Begin creating a transcription of your first chosen Tate Modern Artist

8th May (for this lesson you will continue with your transcription and add facts and opinions using your 'How to Write about Artists' sheet


You are going to produce a coloured painting of one of your Natural Form Photographs for your Mock Exam. You must print one of your natural form photographs or take a new one A4 in size for...

10C: 14th May
10D: 15th May